Immunity can be weakened by making these mistakes during Kovid-19


Covid-19: In this corona epidemic, if everyone has to pay attention to something, then it is how to make their immunity strong. On the other hand, Kovid-19 has spread such fear among the people that everyone is engaged in strengthening their immunity. In such a situation, sometimes they fall ill after wrong information. It is not that taking medicine for any disease is the right way. There are also some such steps through which you can strengthen your immunity even without the advice of any doctor. For this you just have to pay attention to your daily routine. In such a situation, we will tell you here what things you should keep in mind during the Korana period so that your immunity does not weaken.

Exercising and not doing yoga- Many people think that staying at home will fix everything, so somewhere you are thinking wrong. Running or jogging and doing exercise or yoga saves you from many diseases. Also strengthens your immunity. Therefore, to strengthen immunity, you start exercising, running, yoga, and walking.

not sleeping well Lack of good sleep can also be the reason for weak immunity. You go to any doctor, any doctor first of all gives the same opinion that at least 8 hours of sleep must be taken. Not getting enough sleep can also be a reason for weakening immunity.

excessive salt intakeSalt works to enhance the taste of any food, but consuming too much salt weakens the immunity. Therefore, avoid excessive consumption of salt.

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