Updating Aadhaar details via mAadhaar app? Here’s how much it may cost


New Delhi: The UIDAI issues all Indian citizens with an Aadhaar number, which is a 12-digit identifying number. You must carry your Aadhaar with you at all times because it has become the most important document for obtaining any type of financial services. You can get an online Aadhaar by registering on the UIDAI’s mAadhaar app to avoid losing your Aadhaar.

Anyone in India with a smartphone can download and use the mAadhaar App. Residents without an Aadhaar-registered mobile number will be able to use only a few services, such as Locate Enrolment Center, Verify Aadhaar, and Scanning QR Code.

A registered mobile number is required for all other Aadhaar services, including the Aadhaar Profile services listed under My Aadhaar.

“Update your demographic details like Name (Only Minor Changes allowed, Twice), Gender (Once), DoB (Once), and Address (No limit) online through #mAadhaarApp,” according to a recent tweet from UIDAI.

According to the tweet, any demographic update would cost Rs 50 per request, and multiple information can be altered at once.

The mAadhaar app can be utilised anytime and anywhere in India. The mAadhaar card is more than a wallet card. On the one hand, airlines and railways accept the mAadhaar profile as proof of identity, and residents can use the app’s features to share their eKYC or QR code with service providers who demand Aadhaar identification before providing Aadhaar services.

The following are the key features and benefits of the maadhaar app, according to the UIDAI website.

mAadhaar is more than just a wallet card. The resident can get the following benefits by using the mAadhaar App:

  • Aadhaar can be obtained by downloading or retrieving a lost or forgotten Aadhaar number.
  • View/display Aadhaar offline, especially when residents are compelled to produce evidence of identity.
  • Update your Aadhaar address with or without a document.
  • Keep/manage the Aadhaar cards of all family members (up to five) in one mobile.
  • Provide service providers with a paperless eKYC or QR code.
  • Aadhaar can be secured by locking it or using biometrics.
  • Create or retrieve a VID that can be used in place of an Aadhaar number to access Aadhaar services (for those who have locked their Aadhaar or do not wish to share their Aadhaar).
  • Offline Aadhaar SMS services are available.
  • Residents can check the status of their service request in the App after enrolling for Aadhaar, purchasing reprints, or changing their Aadhaar data.
  • Help individuals who do not have access to a smartphone to use common services to access Aadhaar services.
  • Obtain the history of updates and authentication records.
  • To visit the Aadhaar Seva Kendra, make an appointment.
  • After a successful update request, the Aadhaar Sync feature allows residents to retrieve the updated data in their Aadhaar profile.
  • To utilise the UIDAI Website’s Aadhaar Online Services, you can use a time-based One-Time Password instead of an SMS-based OTP.
  • The Locate Enrolment Centre (EC) feature assists users in locating the nearest enrolment centre.
  • The app’s More section contains information on the mAadhaar App, as well as Contact, Usage Guidelines, Terms & Conditions of Use, and other important details.
  • Apart from useful FAQs and a link to the Chatbot, the More section also offers links to vital papers, such as Aadhaar enrolment and update/correction forms, which residents can download.



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